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Organic Quinoa


A unique grain with an earthy flavor, this highly nutritious, organic grown quinoa is perfect for soups, salads and pilafs.

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    Dehydrate Shop's Organic Quinoa is a unique grain with an earthy flavor, making it perfect for soups, salads and pilafs. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious grains you can find that can almost be added to anything. Not only is it an excellent source of protein, but is also a good source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorous. Buy a bag today, and see just how easy and versatile quinoa can be for your cooking and baking.

    Shelf-Life: Stores for 1 year in a sealed 5 pound bag under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place).

    Uses:  Quinoa can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, including salads, vegetable pilafs, rice plates and more.

    Packaging:  Available in a 5 pound bag. Packaging may vary.

    Ingredients:  Organic Quinoa.

    Allergen information: This product does not contain any allergens.